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Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE   info@orenactorsmanagement.co.uk   02920 233 321

Interested in applying to Oren Actors Management? Please read this carefully.


Oren Actors Management is an actors' co-operative. We are an agency run collectively by the actors who make up our membership. Generally, unless we are involved in commission-paying work, we contribute time each week to running the office and the work that entails. Feel free to give the office a call if you want more information, or ask one of our members if you meet us.

If you think that co-operative management is right for you, then we encourage you to get in touch. We seek primarily - though not exclusively - actors who have trained at drama school. We need to get a clear sense of your abilities, so we recommend you contact us when you have a performance we can watch. This could be a professional theatre production, or even a strong showreel. We need to see a professional head shot and your CV. A covering letter that indicates why you're interested in joining our co-op may strengthen your application.

You must be a member of Equity/Oriel and Spotlight.

We make decisions by consensus, so bear with us if our response takes time! We discuss all new applicants at our monthly meetings and decide who we want to meet. If we do not want to take your application further, there can be many reasons why. We may feel that you clash with an existing member. We may not need any actors in your casting bracket (we like to keep our numbers low). We may feel we've not seen enough of your acting abilities. This doesn't preclude you from applying again in the future if things change.

We accept applications by email (but please link to large files like videos).